Lean Consulting

The following is a brief description of the 4 Lean tools that we most often use to improve the processes during a Lean transformation. Our methods have been proven to achieve amazing results. We typically lead a cross-functional team of 6-12 people through a 5 day process that includes: Lean/Leadership training, recording current state conditions, applying the related principles, & recording the improvement state conditions.

We also have an in-depth 3T (Train the Trainer) program to teach your leaders to lead events on their own with a deep understanding of the principles relative to each type of event. The goal of 3T training is to create Lean experts within your organization, so they can facilitate kaizen events without outside support. During 3T training, KaizenOps transfers all the related documents to you that are covered during training and that are required to conduct a successful event. This training goes far beyond what can be learned in a typical KaizenOps led kaizen event where the goal is to get specific, event related results.

Continuous Improvement Tools:

6SStandardization & Organization is the foundation of a Lean transformation. 6S consists of:

Sorting out what doesn’t belong in the area (when in doubt, throw it out or move it out)

Shining by inspecting through cleaning and/or painting what remains in the area

Setting in order all of the remaining items in an attempt to eliminate walking and searching for items (a place for everything, and everything in its place)

Standardizing all areas to ensure that best practices are established and followed in an effort to create a visual workplace

Sustaining the gains that were made during the implementation of Sort, Shine, & Set in Order by defining a new Standard

Safety improvements are a priority and are considered during all phases of the event

QCO  Quick Changeover is the tool we use to reduce changeover (setup) times. We lead a cross-functional team through a very detailed video analysis of the changeover. If there hasn’t been a QCO event performed previously, we often see a 50% or reduction in changeover times with little or no cost.

SW  Standard Work is the tool we use to conduct a detailed analysis of the production process and increase output per person per hour dramatically while also reducing work-in-process (WIP) significantly in most cases. This tool allows for the greatest results when there is a lot of manual labor in manufacturing or assembly processes. We have seen increases as high as 300%-400% in the past with little or no cost. 50%-200% increases in output per person per hour are very common.

3P  Production Preparation Process is the tool we use when we are totally redesigning an existing process or are adding a new process to an operations facility. A 3P event is very similar to a SW event with the difference being that a 3P is more for planning purposes while the SW event usually results in immediate action and implementation during the event.

  • assist with increasing your team’s overall Leadership ability through a Lean Leadership Certification
  • assist with challenging Lean projects
  • assist with conversion from traditional manufacturing to Lean manufacturing
  • assist with cost reduction efforts
  • assist with Kaizen event coordination (VSM, 5S, TPM, QCO, SW, 3P)
  • assist with 3T (Train the Trainer) training
  • assist with Lean Assessment
  • assist with Lean Certification Program development to help support and sustain your Lean program
  • assist with Lean Layout development for new and/or existing manufacturing and/or assembly lines
  • assist with Lean training
  • assist with line balancing
  • assist with standard work development
  • assist with takt time calculation
  • assist with WIP reduction in your production lines
How to start a partnership: HOW TO START A PARTNERSHIP

The objective of KaizenOps is to partner with you as you begin your Lean journey and to partner with and assist those already making the transformation from traditional manufacturing to Lean manufacturing. We will come to your facility to train and/or coordinate kaizen events onsite with your team.

You may be ready to begin, or you may have already started and simply need a little help.  KaizenOps offers the full spectrum of support from minimal to complete, depending on your specific needs.

If it seems simple, it is, once you’ve mastered the Leadership & Lean principles, not just the Lean practices. There is huge difference between the two. However, the keys to success are knowing how to apply the principles to your process and having a top-level leader that thinks long-term and understands that a Lean transformation is an investment in the future of the people and the organization. KaizenOps has the Leadership skills, an in-depth understanding of the Lean principles, 25+ years of experience, and a passion to help you make it happen.