About Mack

Mack began his career on the frontlines of a manufacturing organization. After several years, he began to develop a passion for personal growth and earned an Executive Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree. Most of his 20+ years of manufacturing experience were in organizations involved in Lean transformations.

Mack had the opportunity to learn in-depth what truly makes a Lean transformation successful and sustainable. It is, without a doubt, 360° leadership at all levels of the organization. With a strong passion for leadership and process improvement, Mack started a Lean Manufacturing & Leadership Solutions consulting firm, KaizenOps, in 2008 with great success. His desire to learn even more about leadership quickly increased.

Mack’s growing passion for leadership started with Stephen R. Covey’s leadership teachings which eventually led him to discover and embrace John C. Maxwell’s leadership philosophies and principles. Mack strongly believes it was the Law of Magnetism that John discusses in his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, which led him to become a member of the John Maxwell Team. Mack strongly desires to lead leaders and truly enjoys helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

His mission is to not only partner with you, serving as both a catalyst and resource, but also to synergize with you while helping you develop a clear vision and strong passion for personal growth that will allow you and/or your team to increase your influence in every situation. As John often says, “The True Measure of Leadership is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less.”

“You will never hear me tell someone to go faster. That’s not what Lean is about. It’s about doing more value added work and less non-value added waste. The result is more output per person per hour with the same or less effort.” ~ Mack Story


It was in 1995 that Mack first started to gain experience with Lean Manufacturing. He held the following positions within organizations during various stages of Lean implementation: Machine Operator, Cell Operator, Set-up Technician, Process Technician, Technical Analyst, Cost Estimation Engineer, Process Engineer, Lean Coordinator, Lean/Quality Manager, and Lean/Leadership Consultant. This wide range of Lean experience allows him the advantage of being able to relate to everyone from the shop floor associates to the top-level decision makers and everyone in between.

While serving as the Lean Coordinator, and later as the Lean Manager at one company, Mack was responsible for developing and executing the plan to convert a 150,000 ft2 facility from traditional batch & queue to Lean single piece flow. Various types of kaizen events were utilized to facilitate the rapid transformation and culture change. The transformation was accomplished with an empowered workforce that achieved outstanding results and received recognition throughout the entire corporation. This was especially rewarding since Lean was not in the vocabulary before the transformation began.

The key to this great success was a Plant Manager with a “Just go do it!” leadership style. Your top-level leadership must not only support the Lean transformation completely and openly, but also participate in the process along the way.

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