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Mentors show us the way

In his book Principle-Centered Leadership, Dr. Stephen R. Covey tells how Columbus was once invited to a banquet where he was assigned the most honorable place at the table.

A shallow courtier who was meanly jealous of him asked abruptly: “Had you not discovered the Indies, are there not other men in Spain who would have been capable of the enterprise?”

Columbus made no reply but took an egg and invited the company to make it stand on end. They all attempted to do it, but none succeeded, whereupon the explorer tapped it on the table, denting one end, and left it standing.

“We all could have done it that way!” the courtier cried.

“Yes, if you had only known how.” answered Columbus. “And once I showed you the way to the New World, nothing was easier than to follow it.”

Isn’t it always easier to do something when we have a mentor to help us? I know I have always appreciated having mentors, especially in the area of leadership. We all feel more confident when someone with the knowledge, skill, and desire to help comes alongside us simply because they want to see us succeed.

“Mentors matter, and having the right mentor matters even more. You see, the right mentor expands your vision. They help you see farther, and stretch your horizons. They help you see more by uncovering your blind spots. And they help you see clearly to discover your best path to success.” ~ John C. Maxwell

I’ve been mentored by some of the top leadership experts through many of their books and audios. I know what it means to invest in yourself by having a mentor come alongside you. I have done it and continue to do it. John C. Maxwell has made an impact on my life by mentoring me not only through his many resources, but also in person and by phone many times over the last three years. I know the value investing in yourself brings, which is why I want to offer to do the same for you and/or your team.

Our values determine our results.

10 Values of High Impact Leaders –  Click here to order the book or click here to listen to the 5 minute audio sample

I’m excited to announce a live interactive mentoring program based on my newest book, 10 Values of High Impact Leaders.

In this program, I will help raise your awareness by sharing key principles related to the 10 Values of High Impact Leaders along with my personal stories and experiences from many years of leading and working with cross-functional corporate and volunteer teams.

Here are the 10 Values:

  1. The Value of Vision: Vision is the foundation of hope. 
  2. The Value of Modeling: Someone is always watching you.
  3. The Value of Responsibility: When we take responsibility, we take control.
  4. The Value of Timing: It matters when you do what you do.
  5. The Value of Respect: To be respected, we must be respectful.
  6. The Value of Empowerment: Leaders gain influence by giving it to others.
  7. The Value of Delegation: We should lead with questions instead of directions.
  8. The Value of Multiplication: None of us is as influential as all of us.
  9. The Value of Results: Leaders like to make things happen.
  10. The Value of Significance: Are you going to settle for success?

You may be thinking, “Aren’t there more than 10 leadership values?” Absolutely! They seem to be endless. And, they are all important. These are simply 10 values I believe are key. Since leadership is very dynamic, the more values you have been able to internalize and utilize synergistically together, the more effective you will be. The more influence you will have. The greater impact you will make.

“High performing organizations that continuously invest in leadership development are now defining new 21st century leadership models to deal with today’s gaps in their leadership pipelines and the new global business environment. These people-focused organizations have generated nearly 60% improved business growth, reported a 66% improvement in bench strength, and showed a 62% improvement in employee retention. And, our research shows that it is not enough to just spend money on leadership training, but rather to follow specific practices that drive accelerated business results.” ~ Josh Bersin

Why we do what we do is about our purpose.

How we do what we do is about our performance.

What we do will determine our potential.

Where these three components overlap, you will achieve a HIGH IMPACT.

 Do you want to be a high impact leader? Do you want to develop high impact leaders?

  • I believe everyone is a leader, but they lead at different levels.
  • I believe everyone can and should lead from where they are.
  • I believe everyone can and should make a high impact.
  • I believe growth doesn’t just happen; we must make it happen.
  • I believe before you will invest in yourself you must first believe in yourself.
  • I believe leaders must believe in the team before they will invest in the team.
  • I truly believe everything rises and falls on leadership.

High impact leaders don’t travel alone. They take others with them. If you are already in a leadership position, be sure to not only consider this training for yourself, but also for any of your team members or peers. Will they be easier to lead and be more effective if they receive this training alongside you, so there is a common language and understanding?

Contact me for live or virtual training:

I will be happy to personally mentor you and/or your team on the 10 Values of High Impact Leaders while also sharing with you new insights and experiences from my own personal growth journey.

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Make an impact!