About Mack

IMG_5920_Day 1 and speaker training workshopMack’s story is an amazing journey of personal and professional growth. He began his career in manufacturing on the front lines of a machine shop. He grew himself into upper management and found his niche in lean manufacturing and along with it, developed his passion for leadership. He understands that everything rises and falls on leadership.

Mack’s experience as a Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker includes an international training event in Guatemala with John C. Maxwell as part of the Cultural Transformation in Guatemala where more than 20,000 Guatemalan leaders were trained.

Mack is the author of nine books: 10 Values of High Impact Leaders, Blue-Collar Leadership, Maximize Your Potential, Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision, Maximize Your Leadership Potential, Defining Influence, Change Happens, PHOENIX, and 10 Foundational Elements of Intentional Transformation.

You can connect with Mack and read hundreds of his leadership blogs at LinkedIn.com/in/MackStory.

Mack is an inspiration for people everywhere as an example of achievement, growth and personal development. 
His passion inspires people all over the world!

Inspiring Leader

Mack is a Leadership Expert and Speaker that will engage, motivate and inspire your audience with a call to action focused on leadership, teamwork, and personal growth!

Experienced Teacher

Mack has spent thousands of hours training, teaching and speaking on leadership. Certified as a John C. Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Coach and Speaker, Mack has conducted leadership trainings all over the United States and even other countries!

Authentic Communicator

Mack speaks with humor and authenticity and shares real stories from his life with transparency. He makes no apology for his “Blue-Collar” background and in fact demonstrates how anyone can rise above his or her circumstances in life!

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