Leadership is Influence

Mack Story PictureMy mission is to help people live with abundance, achieve success, and choose significance, so they can make a bigger impact.

To carry out this mission, my amazing wife, Ria, and I co-founded Top Story Leadership in 2008. We have published 19 books on leadership development and personal growth.

I’ve invested 11,000+ hours motivating, inspiring, and leading leaders and their teams through process improvement, organizational change, and cultural transformation.

I enjoy motivating and inspiring individuals and teams from the stage to unleash their true potential and excel beyond their current expectations. I help people at all levels maximize their 360° of influence. The result: they take more responsibility and lead with speed.

My desire is to help leaders understand why common sense isn’t always commonly applied. Often, applying what is commonly understood requires uncommon sense.

Why is leadership important?

Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less. Everything rises and falls on influence. I believe this so much that my first book, Defining Influence, was focused on this subject.

How do we apply leadership principles?

We first must learn to apply them to ourselves with our primary focus on character and our secondary focus on competency. Our character will take us most of the way, and our competency will take us the rest of the way. We’re always teaching what we’re modeling, regardless of what we’re teaching.

What do we do with our leadership skills?

We develop others by helping them grow, transform, and achieve greater results. First within themselves; then, with and through others from where ever they are. I believe everyone is a leader who can influence those above, below, and beside them.

I apply timeless, proven leadership principles not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life by talking it, living it, modeling it, and teaching it every day. My goal is to always be better tomorrow than I am today.

Powerful Leadership - Simplified.

Powerful Leadership – Simplified.